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Broncos will be 'really careful' with Derek Wolfe's neck
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Wysłany: 2017-12-09, 09:52   Broncos will be 'really careful' with Derek Wolfe's neck  

Since forever, Hollywood has prospered by taking an original idea and reverberating its life force into oblivion. This is what us cigar waving Tinseltown experts call "industry trends" whilst hucking Moxie cans from shiny convertibles. If a film did well this year, you bet your ass there will be ten more identical ones following along like mediocre ducklings. And going by that sliver of knowledge, it's actually quite easy to paint a picture of the upcoming cinematic landscape of copy/paste movies. Simply go by what has succeeded so far .

Never again.

Working at a movie theater at the time, I was right there when it happened. I could literally touch the posters. Luckily, our nation found solace during the following week when Zoolander came out. Little by little, we learned to laugh again with good comedies like Legally Blonde and Wet Hot American Summer. Not only was that year filled with comedy, but also a broad spectrum of it, from Bridget Jones's Diary to How High to Joe Dirt. Hell, 2001 authentic jerseys wholesale was even the year we got Super Troopers. And now, for some bizarre reason, we're reliving every single one of the films I just mentioned.

, Paramount, Business Insider, Netflix, EW, Crackle, HuffPo

"Corky Romano v. Deuce Bigalow: Dawn Of Fuck This. Coming 2018."

I'm not complaining just really, really confused about why Hollywood simultaneously became nostalgic for this oddly specific era of comedy. It's like how in 2002 we were flooded with goofball spy films like Austin Powers, Spy Kids, and iSpy. Remember how weird that was?

20th Century Fox, Warner Bros.

See? Wait .

Oh right. You don't have to remember because that's also happening again. We're cheap jerseys totally just doing early 2000s comedy again, you guys down to sequels to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Bad Santa.

LA Times, Cinema Blend

And those details are "We're not kidding, Bad Santa 2 is happening."

Again, save for maybe that pointless Cabin Fever remake, I don't hate the prospect of reliving any of these films . but it's also not hard to cynically think that they are less about continuing the rich story of Zoolander and more about brand recognition. On the bright side, perhaps we'll get that Kung Pow sequel I know everyone is begging for. Can you imagine how much nuts that would be?

AV Club

A lot of nuts. We weren't just yearning for some old timey quality because it looked old, right? Otherwise, you'd see jackasses getting all elitist over the turd fog of gargled VHS tapes.

Okay, shit, maybe it is just blind nostalgia for an older look. Because VHS is totally coming back in viral whims.

As someone who first saw Aliens on my best friend's TV pirated VHS copy, I can assure you that there's nothing fun about watching the snuff porn quality version of your favorite movies. And yet the more I exist, the more I see nostalgia for this irrelevant garbage format. Even Deadpool released a new trailer done to look like one of the inescapable previews you'd fast forward through Cheap China Jerseys on some grainy Hollywood Video rental.

20th Century Fox

Nothing says "'90s" like a hashtag.

But it's not just the quality of VHS being imitated here. It's also the camp of the VHS era, with (albeit terrific) films like Red Letter Media's Space Cop and Turbo Kid the latter takes place in the "future year" of 1997.

We're so damn conditioned by the swarm of reboots and cinematic universes that whether or not franchises should end isn't even a subject of debate anymore. Instead, we're arguing over the "grittiness" levels, like hostages bickering about the wood grain on our flogging beds. And like that uninspired serial murderer who's running out of furniture to reupholster with flesh, Hollywood is getting creative about not being creative.
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